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Q: Do I need to make an appointment for Injections?

A: No appointment needed for any Injection. Except Cortisone which the doctor gives. Come in during office hours and sign in under Dr. Visit and put what you are in for.

Q: If I have symptoms of a Urine Infection do I have to come in?

A: Yes, we do need you to come in, anytime during office hours, so we can get a sample, test it and show it to the Doctor. Unless you are out of town or no-way able to get in, then call the office for further assistance.

Q: As a new patient what do I need to bring with me on my appointment date?

A: You should arrive at least 10 min prior to you're appointment< unless you are scheduled at the time of opening(8:30 or 1:30) and bring with you your insurance card and any records you may have. Also come on an empty stomach if you are scheduled for blood work.

Q: Should I get my records Prior to my appointment?

A: YES, New Patients, Please bring your records prior to appointment or with you for your first part of exam(Blood Work-Part I) or a few days before office visit(O.V.)

Q: How can I obtain my records?

A: Few options;
         1). Sign a release form with your previous Doctor.
         2). Come in to our office for a release Form, fill out and mail to previous Doctor and they will mail it to us or drop them off. We prefer it to be mailed not faxed unless less than 10 pages.
         3) Or go to 'About Us' page and click on on forms and select RECORD RELEASE. Print it out and send to you doctor you want the records from.
*Note:   Depending on the importance of the appointment you may need to go and pick up  your records prior to appointment to expedite the process.

Q: When I come for my Blood / Lab  Appointment and if I need to fast, how long do I fast for? 
    A: Fasting Blood is for 12 Hours Prior to Appointment.( eg. 9am appt. start fasting at 9pm night before)  Nothing to eat or drink prior EXCEPT water.You may have as much as you want. Also, if you are coming in for a physical blood test we will need to collect a urine sample.

Q: Can I come to your office with ORDERS FOR BLOOD WORK from another doctor?

     A: Yes, As long they fax us orders or you come in with the orders. All we do PREFER for you benefit is that you check with that doctor if the test are specialized (need to be Frozen) or call to check just in case.
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